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Site Survey                











Setting Out Plan /    







Planting Plan      

and Schedule









Planting and


Our initial visit we will discuss your ideas design styles for the garden and agree a brief.  This will be the basis for a quote for the design work and Beekeeping requirements can be discussed at this stage or later on in the project.



A site survey of the garden will be needed before any design work can begin. This will be done either by ourselves or in the case of larger or more complex gardens; we can arrange the services of a land surveyor.  The survey shows detailed measurements of the house, boundaries, existing features and levels, which are all needed to prepare the garden design.



The garden design consists of an Outline plan, which will be supported with other visuals/sketches to help envisage the planned design. Any changes can be discussed at this stage and we can discuss any working drawings which may be needed to develop the design further.  



The Masterplan incorporates any changes made and once this is agreed, will form the basis of working drawings e.g. Setting Out and Construction drawings.   These drawings are needed to obtain tenders for any construction work and used by the landscape contractor to cost, set out and build the garden. Construction drawings of specific garden features including pergolas, water features and hard surfaces may be required, depending on the design.



Planting is particularly important in our gardens and is carefully designed to attract Bees and other pollinating insects.  The location and spacing of all plants, both new and existing are shown in a scaled Planting Plan. A Plant Schedule is also produced which lists the plant names, sizes and quantities and is used for costing, ordering and setting out the plants.



We recommend that we make regular site visits to the garden as building progresses, to ensure the design is implemented as originally visualised and to address any unforeseen problems.



We can source, supply and set out quality plants at competitive rates and organise the planting.  Subsequent visits can also be made to discuss ongoing maintenance of the garden and to implement any Beehive management required.



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