Beehive Management

We offer a seasonal management service for your beehives based on the number of visits and activities required throughout the four seasons of the beekeeping calendar and local weather conditions.


Spring and Summer will call for the most management services when the bees are active whereas Autumn and Winter will mainly involve feeding checking and monitoring the bees.


On obtaining your bees, the hives will be checked every 8 to 10 days over the Spring and Summer months usually from March to August. Most visits will last an hour but as the colony increases in size from April onwards some visits will take longer to undertake swarm prevention, assess and remove honey stores and maybe queen rearing programmes.


All visits are weather dependent. If it is raining and cold the hive will not be inspected as this understandably makes the bees bad tempered and also causes loss of heat to the hive.


Over the winter months, visits will last no longer than half and hour as it is important not to disturb the bees in their tight cluster but to ensure there are adequate food stores and to apply winter varroa treatment. Inevitably there are Winter losses of beehives but we will endeavour to replace your hive with a new colony in the Spring.


We charge an hourly rate for all services.   Hourly rate and the number of hours will be detailed on individual clients management plans.

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