Garden Design Bees

BeeScapes is a fusion of landscape design and responsible beekeeping. Our garden designs integrate the house, garden and wider landscape to create spaces of beauty and integrity with a strong emphasis on planting to improve foraging for pollinating insects.


Once the habitat is established, your garden will have an abundance of Butterflies, Bees and other pollinating insects.  BeeScapes also offers beehive supply and management, tuition and support to Clients interested in keeping bees. Clients may be private individuals, Country Estates or Corporate Headquarters who may want to reduce their carbon footprint. BeeScapes operates mainly in Hampshire, West Sussex and Surrey.


Gill German is a registered member of the Society of Garden Designers and has been working as a Designer since 1997. Offering a complete range of professional services, Gill has worked mainly on large country garden projects. Her design philosophy is based firmly on an architectural foundation, strong form and often using formal topiary softened with herbaceous perennials and grasses. Using natural materials appropriate to the architecture of the house, Gill incorporates the biology of the landscape and Client’s preferences to create a unified design.


garden design bees